Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Scientific Name: Ficus lyrata

Popularized by décor magazines and Instagram feeds alike, the exquisite Fiddle Leaf Fig makes a strong style statement in any home or office.

Enormous leaves shaped like violins make Fiddle Leaf Fig a dramatic accent.
In its native habitat, this fig tree will reach 12 m tall. Fortunately, it grows very slowly and stays much shorter when grown indoors.

This Ficus Lyrata comes in a 20cm pot and will, in time, happily grow to a tall tree. 

Please Note: Nature made this product and each plant is unique. We know that this will be your treasured décor piece (and so it should be!), but just know that some natural marks or blemishes may be present on some leaves - that's how nature makes them.


Follow these instructions to keep your Fiddle Leaf Fig healthy and happy:

Water: Keep soil evenly moist, nominally water once every 7-10 days. Drooping yellow leaves are a sign of overwatering
Light: Bright indirect light year-round
Humidity: Average room humidity
Fertilize: Balanced Fertilizer every 2 weeks, once a month in winter

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