Our selection of Plants that are happy in Low Light conditions. Areas such as bathrooms, room corners, top of shelves and areas with few windows.
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Dainty Crassula Micro Mossball

R 165.00

Description Scientific Name: Crassula spathulata This evergreen South African succulent creates a sculptural cascading volume of green. Growing on the coastal regions of the Western & Eastern Cape of South Africa, the Dainty Crassula is delicate yet hardy and will be happy in almost any light conditions - full sun to shade. The Dainty Crassula will especially delight when it produces...

Heart-Leaf Philodendron Mossball

R 295.00

Description Scientific Name: Philodendron cordatum Trailing/climbing plant with stems that can reach over 1.2m Easy care, likes moderate to bright light Plant level: Extremely easy A classic trailing plant, the Heartleaf Philodendron is just captivating tied into one of our Mossballs. With stems reaching over 1.2m it is not hard to see why this plant is a firm favourite among indoor...

Chinese Evergreen

R 150.00

Description Scientific Name: Aglaonema 15cm nursery pot Likes warmth  Low/Medium light to bright indirect light Plant level: easy Our Chinese Evergreen comes in a 15cm Nursery Pot.  The Chinese Evergreen is a hardy hybrid plant that is very attractive to look at, with it's long patterned leaves, and easy to take care of. It's generally fuss-free, needing moderate watering and humidity as well...

Delicious Monster Cut Leaves

R 65.00

Description Our Delicious Monster Leaf Cuttings will brighten up any space with their fresh, lush look. Fresh Pop of Green Typical "Monstera Holes" in the leaves Approx approximately 50-60cm in length Live for 2-3 weeks in clean water No Additional Care required  We order the Delicious Monster cuttings to order, to ensure maximum freshness and vase-longevity. Please "Add Product to Shipping...