Scientific Name: Sedum Morganianum Magnum

  • Waterwise
  • 20cm Hanging Nursery Basket
  • Loves lots of very bright light or full sun, but not extreme heat
  • Plant level: Easy

Our Donkey's Tail - Magnum comes in a 20cm Hanging Basket.

This gorgeous 'Magnum' variety of the popular Donkey's Tail succulent will delight with it's thick and full foliage that radiates from a central cluster. Unlike it's more common relative, the Burro's Tail, the Magnum variety does not trail as readily, prefering to cluster itself gradually over the planter's edge.

A superb plant for patios and bright lit areas and a great waterwise option. You'll be rewarded with a spectacular flowery bloom towards the end of summer.


Follow these instructions to keep your Donkey's Tail - Magnum healthy and happy.

Water: Water thoroughly approximately every 2 weeks, let the soil dry out slightly in between. Reduce watering during winter. 
Light: Very bright light is needed. It's best to include several hours of direct sunlight as well each day.
Humidity: Dry air is best, do not mist
Fertilize: Feed your plant every 2 weeks with a balanced liquid fertilizer during the Spring & Summer growing season



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