Scientific Name: Rhipsalis cereuscula

  • 20cm Nursery pot
  • Likes lots of bright, indirect light
  • Easy-care
  • Plant level: easy

Our Rhipsalis plants come in a 20cm Nursery Pot. 

This curious succulent with its full heads of bright green foliage is actually a tropical, tree-hugging cactus! People that know Rhipsalis, usually go crazy over it... perhaps due to their care easy nature, their striking foliage, and ability to handle medium light conditions as well.

Growing on other plants (an epiphyte) in it's native Brazilian / Uruguayan habitat, these beauties will be just as happy in your home too. As a house plant, Coral Cacti will look great as a table center piece; a cascading shelf-plant or in a hanger. Play around and see what works best for you...


Follow these instructions to keep your Rhipsalis healthy and happy.

Water: Allow soil to dry out slightly between waterings, water less in winter. If you check the soil and it's still moist, don't water until the soil dries out more.
Light: Bright, indirect light all year round - keep out direct, hot sun.
Humidity: The Rhipsalis likes humidity as it is a tropical plant -  mist lightly or place in an area with more humidity.
Fertilize: Feed once a once during spring through summer with diluted liquid feed.




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