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Next Level: 500 Plants in one Apartment

Inspiration can come from seeing the extent of what may be possible.  Meet Summer Rayne Oakes, a Brooklyn resident who has turned her apartment into a living, breathing plant-scape, with over 500 plants. It all started with a single 4 feet-tall fiddleleaf fig plant, which has now taken over the entire bedroom ceiling. Over time, Oakes has added a wide variety of herbs, fruits, and vegetables; as well as loads of ornamental plants. Something of a biodiversity hotspot, in urban NYC.Every possible surface and container have been used - green walls adorn the walls, small greenhouses, mason jars and even recycles tea tins. Oakes with an Asparagus Fern in a Terracotta Pot Her apartment could be described as an inner...

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10 Best Ornamental Plants for Your Green Wall

Green Walls are the most striking décor you can introduce into your home. They are alive, ever changing and bring with them a host of benefits for the gardener and the space that they’re in. Green Walls, or Vertical Gardens, can be made up of ornamental or productive indoor plants, that is, plants which are nice to look at, or plants that are edible, such as herbs. In this post, we’ll be looking at ornamental indoor plants for your Green Wall. More specifically, the 10 easiest ornamental indoor plants to use to create your Green Wall at home. We’ve selected the list using the following two criteria: Plants that look great together – a balance of color, textures, shapes and...

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