Scientific Name: Aeschynanthus pulcher

  • 20cm hanging nursery basket
  • Available potted in 21cm Italian Terracotta
  • Trailing plant that blooms throughout the year
  • Likes very bright indirect light
  • Plant level: Easy

This plant is an absolute stunner, truly. Trailing leaves of varying colours, bright red or orange leaves and a full foliage make this plant a winner. And to top it all, it's pretty easy to take care of! 

Our Lipstick Vine comes in a 20cm hanging nursery basket. For an touch of elegance choose the 21cm Terracotta Pot and Saucer option. We'll pot up this beauty for you so it arrives ready to display. 

Follow these instructions to keep your Lipstick Vine healthy and happy.

Water: Allow top 25% of soil to dry out before watering
Light: Bright indirect light. Avoid direct sun
Humidity: This plant likes humidity but will be fine in average household humidity. 
Fertilize:  Feed every two weeks with diluted plant food in summer and spring. Monthly in winter and autumn 

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