How We Work

Plantify is here to make Indoor Plant ownership a better experience all round.

We source fresh, on-trend plants from local growers and match them to our beautiful range of curated pots. Every month, we offer you 3 new Plant-Pot Deals:

3 Plants matched perfectly to
3 Beautiful Pots in
3 Price Categories

This way, everyone will find something that suits their personality and place. 

But it doesn't stop there: We'll regularly (as in weekly) make available a whole host of other plants and pots, to give you a greater variety to to choose from. So check back often.

You choose the plant and pot that you like. We'll package it in our custom-made, 100% recycled packaging and courier it to you using our network of vetted couriers.

Got a plant that you'd like us to source? Need some ideas and hands to green your home or office? Just drop us a line at, we're here to help. 

Check out our FAQ Section for further details.




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