Scientific Name: Dieffenbachia exotica

Our Dieffenbachia comes in a 15cm or 16.5cm Nursery Pot.

The striking riot of foliage patterning of the Dieffenbachia has enshrined it as a firm house plant favorite. Native to a broad South American region, from Mexico to southern Argentina, Dieff's will be happy in most indoor environments.

These are some of the easiest house plants that you can keep. Give them a little attention, and they will continually amaze with their striking foliage display.  

Take Note: Dieff's are also called 'Dumb Canes'. This is due to the ability of it's toxic sap to render a person temporarily speechless. Best to wash hands after touching and keep away from pets and young children.


Follow these instructions to keep your Dieffenbachia healthy and happy:

Water: Water thoroughly, allowing soil to dry out somewhat in between. 
Light: Medium to bright indirect light
Humidity: No adjustments to humidity required 
Fertilize: Balanced Fertilizer every month




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