Meet the Plantify Team

We thought it was high time to introduce ourselves!

As a small but growing startup, we've had our work cut-out, sourcing the finest quality plants, working with artisans to bring you interesting pots, and maintaining our reputation of South Africa's most innovative plant retailer.

What's Our Story?

Plantify is a little over 18 months old. We had humble beginnings, having started in the spare bedroom and garage of our founder, Andreas Keller, in March 2017. Wanting to "do plants better" for aspiring plant enthusiasts like himself, Andreas sought to shake up the ornamental indoor plant offering for South Africans.

We've come a long way in a short space of time. We thought it's time we introduced ourselves...

Meet the Team!

THE GENERALIST: Andreas Keller 
Andreas KellerAndreas is our founder and in charge of partnerships, supply and strategy. He works closely with our network of growers to bring our fans the most interesting, best-in-class plants and locally manufactured pots.
Andreas has a background in Finance and Sustainability and enjoys the challenge of building a young startup.
His dream is to shoot a travel show where he goes "Plant Hunting" for the plants that Plantify sells, tracing their journey from our clients' living room, all the way back to their natural jungle habitat.

THE OPS QUEEN: Austen Gordon
Austen GordonAusten runs the day-to-day operations in our shop and co-ordinates the dispatch of plants to our couriers to be shipped all over South Africa. She also manages all of our online content - taking photos, posting on social media, and engaging with all of our fans.
Austen has a degree in Interior Design and taught English in South Korea and Thailand for 3 years.

THE HORTI: Sive Arozi 
Sive AroziSive is a trained horticulturist and has a background in plant retail and the management of large estate gardens. He looks after all of the plants at Plantify on a day-to-day basis, packages the plants on order, and assists some of our in-store clients with queries.
Sive also skillfully manufactures all of Plantify's mossballs and mountings. An absolute perfectionist, Sive's mossballs are absolutely perfectly round, much to our continued amazement!

ADMIN SENSEI: Thoko Chiodzera 
Thoko ChiodzeraThoko takes care of the Plantify's Administration, taking in the stock that arrives, pricing, invoicing etc, something that is easy with this degree in Business Management.
Thoko approaches all tasks with the precision and focus of a black belt Kyokushin Karate fighter. Something that he is in real life too - having represented Zimbabwe nationally in this sport.


Our Team is here to help you source amazing plants and pots, help you think through the greening of your space, or any other plant related query. Feel free to Get in Touch, we'd be glad to hear from you!


  • August 26, 2018
  • Andreas Keller

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  • August 27, 2018
  • Eva Hansen

Wonderful to meet you all. Hope to see you GROW from GREEN to GREENER

  • May 20, 2019
  • Rebecca Sterling

In absolute awe. All of you wonderful people are really onto a good thing here!